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Next steps on the NHS five year forward view: How does it affect the health service?

Next steps on the NHS five year forward view: How does it affect the health service? 13 Apr 2017 Next steps on the NHS five year forward view: How does it affect the health service?

Why is market access so important to industry?

Why is market access so important to industry? 20 Mar 2017 Market access is a core aspect of all sales planning and the work of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence sits at the heart of that. The updated Market access course covers what...

NHS in numbers

NHS in numbers 27 Feb 2017 Here is a quick snapshot of the figures you need to know about in the NHS. For more information on each area click on the topics within the infographic.  

Updated structure diploma course now live

Updated structure diploma course now live 21 Feb 2017 This course looks at the basic structure of the NHS and will quickly give you a clear understanding of the roles of NHS organisations and how they work together. Examples of the organisation...

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May's election bombshell triggers questions over NHS

21 Apr 2017

How will the NHS fare after the general election? This week Prime Minister Theresa May dropped a bomb into the UK political arena by calling a general election for 8 June, supported by...

Tougher testing for medical devices

21 Apr 2017

What EU legislation prevent patient harm? New European Parliament legislation aims to ensure that devices and in vitro diagnostic devices undergo rigorous testing before they reach the...

Health service reacts to snap general election announcement

21 Apr 2017

How did the health service react to the announcement of an 8 June general election? The surprise announcement of a General election for 8 June spurred many NHS bodies to make the case...

Analysis suggests some STPs will be hit by new demands for cost cutting

21 Apr 2017

Why are new service cuts predicted for some STPs? An analysis of sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) overspends, 'control total' financial targets and allocations...

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26 April 2017

Five Year Forward View - Neurology in the new NHS, Online

FREE WEBEX   The Neurology Academy in partnership with Wilmington Healthcare is delighted t...

27 April 2017

An Introduction to the NHS, Holborn Bars, London

The NHS in England is complex, constantly changing and difficult to understand – all of which prev...

4 May 2017

Boost your NHS engagement strategy, Grand Connaught Rooms, London

Are you ready for the new NHS market access challenge? Sustainability and transformation plans - the...

11 May 2017

STPs - What do they mean for you and your NHS customers?, Holborn Bars, London

At the end of last year, the NHS published 44 sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) setting out...

18 May 2017

The future of medtech, Holborn Bars, London

The way hospitals buy medical technology is changing, as the NHS struggles to save money and realign its...

7 June 2017

Wellards Annual Conference 2017, De Vere West One, London

From theory to hard reality. The Five year forward view – NHS England's masterplan –...

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