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How could the NHS efficiency challenge affect your products and services?

How could the NHS efficiency challenge affect your products and services? 08 Oct 2017 Anyone selling to the NHS at the moment needs to understand the central importance of the massive efficiency challenges the NHS faces. Companies which can help the NHS meet its Carter and NHS Im...

How do key performance indicators influence NHS customers?

How do key performance indicators influence NHS customers? 11 Sep 2017 NHS KPIs lie at the heart of the NHS's ambitions in its quest to improve standards while driving efficiency and productivity measures. This course provides a grounding in the idea behind...

Introduction to the NHS

Introduction to the NHS 26 Jul 2017 Organisations working with the NHS must follow its development closely. This short course outlines the roles of the main NHS organisations, shows how they fit together and explains some of the i...

Sustainability and transformation plans

Sustainability and transformation plans 26 Jul 2017 What are sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) and how are they affecting services and NHS decision makers? This course provides insights into how they are impacting structure, leadersh...

What's new?

Procurement tower contracts may go to existing providers

20 Oct 2017

Which providers are most likely to win procurement tower contracts? Up to six large 'procurement towers' contracts for procuring of everyday and high value healthcare consumables...

Bedfordshire to move swiftly on merger

20 Oct 2017

Merger could go ahead by April if regulators approve Two Bedfordshire hospitals have set out an ambitious plan to merge by April. Bedford Hospital Trust and Luton and Dunstable University...

Cancer services improving, says report

20 Oct 2017

Will all patients get the full benefit of improvements? Cancer survival rates are the highest ever and patients are reporting that care is good, said NHS national cancer director Cally...

Waiting lists to benefit private providers

20 Oct 2017

Could lengthening NHS waiting lists be a boon for independent providers? Jim Easton, managing director of Care UK, says that independent providers are seeing more work from the NHS in...

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