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Sustainability and transformation plans

Sustainability and transformation plans 15 Aug 2016 What are STPs? Where will the STPs cover? What are STPs required to achieve? What are the key deadlines for the STPs? Where does the STP fit in with other local plans...

Wellards Q3 review

Wellards Q3 review 04 Jul 2016 Consolidation, STP implementation and integration – or just dealing with EU referendum fallout? We are to some extent facing uncharted waters in the NHS, post-Brexit – but it may...

Rheumatology in the NHS

Rheumatology in the NHS 06 Jun 2016 Has the rheumatology clinical reference group been saved? What is the State of Play between primary and secondary care? How well do rheumatology services manage rehabilitatio...

Medicines optimisation: how does it affect the treatments patients receive?

Medicines optimisation: how does it affect the treatments patients receive? 23 May 2016 The Department of Health and NHS England policy of medicines optimisation is rapidly gaining momentum across NHS organisations following a series of reports, policy reviews and guidance. It ...

What's new?

Procurement towers leave NHS unimpressed

19 Aug 2016

What is the future operating model for procurement? NHS procurement officials have voiced concern about the direction of travel for procurement within the health service. The Health...

Cancer charities claim UK falling behind on access to treatment

19 Aug 2016

Is UK access to cancer treatments keeping up with other countries? A comparison of the UK with other nations has concluded that patients in some countries enjoy greater levels of access...

Trusts' positive finance plans do little to allay fears

19 Aug 2016

Are hospitals managing to get back in the black? More than three quarters of acute trusts say they will meet their targets set by NHS Improvement for 2016/17 according to analysis by Health...

CCGs integrate A&E review into local STP

19 Aug 2016

How are CCGs approaching STP development? Two clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have decided to integrate their review of A&E services into the sustainability and transformation...

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15 September 2016

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