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Friday 20 July 2012

For your informationBBC News website: Polypill 'could save thousands' of lives

A 'polypill' combining a statin with blood pressure drugs could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes every year, according to researchers.

BBC News website: Warning over 'low prescribing' for elderlyMore elderly patients should be prescribed drugs to tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Department of Health website: Sector regulation: an update on plans for consultation and implementationThe Department of Health and Monitor are working on proposals relating to implementation of the Health and Social Care Act's provisions on sector regulation.

Ehealth Insider website: NHS commissioning to shed 20,000 jobs

GPonline website: Lansley pledges to investigate PCT rationingHealth Secretary Andrew Lansley has pledged to investigate evidence of primary care trusts rationing services after the issue was raised again in parliamentary questions.

Health in Wales website: Auditor general delivers positive report for long term NHS reform in WalesThe NHS in Wales met its financial targets for 2011/12 through a combination of significant savings reported by NHS bodies and some additional funding from the Welsh Government.

Health Service Journal website: CCG authorisation 'support' could see powers taken backClinical commissioning groups may be given 'support' including having managers imposed on them or their functions removed, it has been confirmed.

Health Service Journal website: North West local authorities seek rethink on public health fundingA group of local authorities are calling for a change to the proposed formula for public health funding, after research revealed it would be likely to transfer resources from poor to rich areas.

Health Service Journal website: Vacant commissioning board posts endangering transitionVital appointments to the new commissioning system have fallen further behind schedule, the NHS Commissioning Board has admitted, causing significant knock-on problems for the transition process.

NHS Commissioning Board website: Annual report and accounts 2011/12 publishedThe NHS Commissioning Board Authority has published its annual report and accounts 2011/12 covering the period from October 2011 to March 2012.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence website: Evidence summaries: new medicinesEvidence summaries: new medicines are provided to help commissioners, budget holders and groups such as area prescribing committees to make informed decisions and aid local planning on the introduction of new medicines.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence website: Healthy diet and exercise key to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetesSimple lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity or eating more healthily, can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, says NICE.

Office of Budgetary Responsibility website: Ageing population to put pressure on the public financesA fiscal sustainability report showing that further tax increases or spending cuts are likely to be needed after the current fiscal consolidation to help meet the costs of an ageing population.

Welsh Government website: People in Wales living longer, but unhealthy lifestyle choices and health inequalities persistDecreasing rates of death from cardiovascular disease and a decline in smoking rates among children and adults, have contributed to improvements in the health and life expectancy of people in Wales.

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