DH invites views on LTCs

Friday 4 May 2012

diabetesThe Department of Health is conducting a consultation on its planned cross-government long-term conditions (LTCs) strategy that is due to be published towards the end of the year.

The strategy for England aims to define what the Department wants to see in improvements in the lives of LTC patients.

Health professionals, commissioners and local authorities are invited to contribute, among others.

Content of the strategy will cover health issues and aspects of lives that are affected by LTCs. It will also investigate how cross-government co-operation can help, eg, transport, housing and education.

LTCs cost the economy billions of pounds a year. They are the single biggest cost centre for the NHS, taking up around 70 per cent of the health service's resources in terms of budget, bed days and GP appointments, etc. One of the central themes of the health reforms being introduced by the coalition government is how to deal with and reduce the long-term cost of LTCs, keeping patients out of hospital and enabling more self-care.

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