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Primary care pressures could lead to 'major restructuring'

What is the future of primary care?

A 'major restructuring' of primary care services is needed to overcome the supply and demand issues affecting delivery, says deputy director of NHS England.


Think-tank commission calls for 'new settlement' in health and social care funding

What ideas are there for funding health and social care in the future?

A commission set up by the King's Fund has called for a 'new settlement' to simplify health and social care finances.


Manifesto challenges government on health and care agenda

What do health and care bodies want from the 2015 general election?

Health and care organisations nationwide have produced a 2015 challenge manifesto setting out 15 specific things they think the next government should do to help the health service.


Future of commissioning support remains uncertain

How are commissioning support units developing?

Guidance on how commissioning support units will become autonomous, which was expected to be released in August, will not be published until the beginning of 2015, says NHS England’s director of commissioning support services and market development Bob Ricketts.


NHS England reveals details of personalised budgets scheme

What are the benefits of an integrated personal commissioning programme?

NHS England is inviting clinical commissioners, councils and the voluntary sector to take part in a three year integrated personal commissioning programme, which will put service users in charge of their own budget and increase the shift towards preventive care.


Public health budget and new incentive scheme announced

Is investment in public health being maintained?

Public health funding, paid by the Department of Health to local authorities, is likely to remain the same as last year, at £2.79bn.


Cancer charity demands more investment for diagnostics

How are cancer services coping with rising demand and in the wake of the NHS reforms?

A report commissioned by charity Cancer Research UK calls for more investment in services, particularly diagnostics. It also wants a review of commissioning for the disease in light of an ageing population and a predicted rise in incidence.


CQC announces independent sector inspections

Is the CQC treating NHS and independent services equally?

The Care Quality Commission is to inspect independent hospitals under a 'new inspection approach', starting in October. The quality regulator says it expects to receive equivalent performance information to that from NHS hospitals.


Study explores hospital reimbursement measures for specialist care

Are hospitals adequately reimbursed for providing specialist care?

A study to explore whether hospitals in England are being sufficiently reimbursed for providing specialist care in hospital has been published by the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York.


Ovarian cancer awareness initiative launched in Northern Ireland

Will the ovarian cancer awareness programme increase rate of early diagnosis?

The Public Health Agency has launched an ovarian cancer awareness scheme to highlight symptoms of the disease.


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