Key document for medtech industry published by Scottish Government

Wednesday 2 May 2012

businessman extending his handThe Scottish Government has published a practical guide for the medtech industry on introducing new technologies into the NHS in Scotland.

The guide was drawn up by representatives from industry, Scottish Enterprise, the NHS and Scottish Government as part of efforts to achieve a step change in translating research findings into health and economic benefits.

Medtech is defined as healthcare products used to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat diseases in people, and specifically excludes pharmaceuticals and any products ingested by the body.

The guide includes contacts and information to help companies navigate the NHS in Scotland by knowing who to speak to at which points in the product development journey.

The guide is expected to evolve in the light of further work to review the way in which the NHS in Scotland considers new technologies in a wider strategic context.

A number of 'top tips' are included, such as providing evidence (eg, demonstrating clinical interest and having a good business case), and showing how products enhance care and have potential for economies through saving money on existing technologies.

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