Independent body needed for VBP assessment

Friday 27 April 2012

drugs and moneyCost effectiveness decisions on drugs assessed under value-based pricing (VBP) should be set by a new, independent body, according to cancer charity Myeloma UK.

The charity has produced 19 recommendations to government covering what it calls four key areas in the development of VBP, the proposed pricing system for new branded drugs due to begin in 2014.

Following consultation with the industry the recommendations on price setting, threshold setting, uncertainty and medicines uptake at local level include:

  • the government should conduct research to establish the relationship between pharmaceutical pricing and the location of research and clinical trial centres
  • the government should be aware that VBP alone will not solve the issues of access to new medicines in the UK
  • the VBP system should involve greater co-ordination between the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, pharma and other stakeholders to ensure there is appropriate evidence collection about a new medicine prior to its launch
  • determining the value-based price of a new medicine should be a transparent process, but the price agreed could remain confidential to protect the UK as a reference-pricing market
  • incentives should be set alongside VBP to ensure that local commissioning of new medicines is based on the clinical need of the patient

Further information

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