CQC chief Cynthia Bower resigns

Friday 24 February 2012

Cynthia BowerCare Quality Commission (CQC) chief executive Cynthia Bower has resigned from her role at the health service watchdog after almost four years.

The resignation coincided with a critical Department of Health (DH) review, The performance and capability review of the Care Quality Commission. Written by DH officials, this reported delays in registering providers and shortcomings in compliance activity, and said public confidence in the regulator's role had been undermined.

Both DH officials and the CQC had underestimated the scale of the task, it added, although it noted improvements in the organisation's performance during the past nine months.

In recent months the CQC has been criticised by reports from the National Audit Office (NAO) and the Parliamentary Health Select Committee.

The NAO found the watchdog had experienced difficulties in becoming established and had not achieved value for money. The select committee reported that the commission had suffered from not having a clear definition of its objectives, that its processes had not been properly tested, and that numbers of inspections had fallen by as much as 70 per cent during 2010/11.

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